Taste, tradition, style, a family know-how dedicated to celebration

40 years of experience and culinary tradition

Celebration day

They rent a house in Brussels and develop a reception hall. Ever since, the two brothers have had an increasing number of customers.
They have gradually specialized in major events and the making of tailored projects, and turn each event into a unique concept with solutions suited to the public, venues and specific requirements.

The recipe of success

Their recipe? Persistence, dedication, a remarkable flexibility to match the needs of their clients but also a good value for money.
In 1979, they decide to focus on catering services in venues that don’t belong to them, for private events as well as corporate or « mainstream » events.
With the help of their team, Alain and Philippe Debekker are constantly surprising thanks to the beauty of their buffers and the making of dinners for sometimes more than 2000 people.

At the Palace’s steps

In 1986, les frères Debekker are on a roll: they create the limited company « Les Frères Debekker » and become exclusive dealers for the « Congress Palace of Brussels ».
In 1987, success leads them to move their workshops into a stylish building of Etterbeek (Brussels).
Near the major roadways of the city, the European and International institutions, the ring, the airport and the green belt of Brussels, the building is still occupied by the company today and is located at 95 rue Charles Degroux, 1040 Brussels.

Significant figures

The limited company « Les Frères Debekker » has now more than 2.000 regular customers and its annual turnover is around 4.200.000 EUR.
A team of twenty people work permanently. Depending on events and needs, it can sometimes reach 200 people (cooks, waiters, dishwashers, drivers,…).

Professionalism and tradition: a successful combination

The company created by the two Debekker brothers has developed while the team has grown, still keeping a familial and professional nature.
Now that it has become a reference in the sector of events catering, Les Frères Debekker carry on the principle of traditional cooking.
Well aware of the evolution of tastes and techniques, our major concern will always be the customer, regardless of his size.

Alain and Philippe Debekker have encouraged their children to take the lead of the House. However, they are still present and add their touch to some projects. Since 2012, the change has been effective: the new generation has taken over.


Alain & Philippe DEBEKKER

Officially retired, the founders of Les Frères Debekker remain the cornerstone of the company. Philippe is still the privileged partner of our most faithful clients, while Alain keeps an eye on the management. The two brothers share their expertise and their advice with their children, who are happy to see them take care and carry on the identity of the House.

Benjamin Debekker


Benjamin is now running the kitchen after having started as an apprentice under the guidance of different chefs. He is the one who is developing, with his team, the ideas of our sales executives while adding, of course, his own touch. As Chef of the kitchen, he is the privileged partner of our suppliers and he introduces the newest products that you will love. Benjamin loves parties, especially yours!

Matthias Debekker


After a long collaboration with his father and having learned the tricks of the trade, Mathias is now in charge of commercial offers. Influenced by the family tradition, he likes to design original menus and combine new flavours. Each event is unique for him: he offers tailored services that will perfectly match your desires. You will easily recognize this wine connoisseur with his hat and his bike, which he is riding from one event to another.

Geneviève Debekker

Geneviève DEBEKKER

Having worked in every department of the House, Geneviève is now internal and external HR Manager, with an eye on accounting. Before that, she has worked during 5 years in the kitchen with Benjamin. She manages the administrative part and supervises the planning of events, together with the Executive Committee and Nhan Ngo, her right hand.

Grégoire Morelli

Grégoire MORELLI
Member of the Executive Committee

Grégoire is our Executive Project Manager. He ensures the development, marketing and making of projects, as well as the follow-up. Specialized in B2B services, he is responsible for Dutch and English speaking customers. Together with Mathias, his task is to turn your meal into a celebration. Therefore, he is 100% involved in every event.

In the kitchen

Our kitchen is composed of six different units.

  • Warm department
  • Cold department
  • Vegetables and salads department
  • Warm zakuskis department
  • Cold zakuskis department
  • Pastries and desserts department

A remarkably professional chef runs each unit. He works with a team of cooks who are responsible for the success of your event.

To this end, they make sure to use quality ingredients and take care of the presentation of the food. Our teams do the maximum to add to their projects the authentic touch, which is the secret of these unique dishes that our clients have been enjoying for more than forty years.