Environmental statement


Our workshops, located in Etterbeek, have a lot of assets with regard to mobility and CO² emissions. Indeed, they are located at an average distance of 7 km from the main venues where we usually work.

In our company, 20% of the staff is using a bike to come at work and 20% is coming with public transportation (SNCB, STIB, De Lijn). Furthermore, we have reduced our fleet. While keeping the same number of workers, we have 40% less company cars and so reduced our CO² emissions. On average, our co-workers have to go 4 km to come to work.

Our suppliers have the same proximity feature (average distance of 6 km). This is one of our selection standards, besides the quality of goods and the service provided.

Waste management

In association with Propreté.Brussels, we have set up waste sorting containers: glass, paper/cardboard, residual waste and PMD. Furthermore, we are working with a company whose mission is to treat used oils and to collect them on a regular basis. Our wastewater is filtered in order to avoid polluting the sewers with inappropriate contents. All the company workers know how important sorting of waste is and they are regularly reminded of these good practices.

Every office has been provided with paper sorting systems as well as recycled paper. Besides, our administrative team is concerned by the sustainable management of office supplies in general.

Energy consumption

Well aware of the quality of water in Brussels, we avoid bottled water as much as possible. We use tap water for our internal use: for cooking as well as dishwashing. We apply a diminution of temperature in the offices. We are urged to wear warm clothes instead of turning up the heat. Moreover, we don’t use any air-conditioning system during the summer.

Insulation work will soon be done in order to lower our energy consumption and increase our co-workers’ wellness. Negotiations are underway with venues owners, contractors and authorities. A solution is being studied and should be reached in a few months.

Rational feeding

In order to avoid any waste of products, we have a controlled purchasing policy directly linked to our order book. We try to figure out as accurately as possible and the internal management applies the First In First Out, which improves the stock management.

Moreover, our sales executives apply the basis principles of sustainable food. The menus are always developed according to the season. Our suppliers and we make sure that the fish species we use are not threatened. We rather use local products, or even organic/fairtrade if these are available and meet our quality requirements. When choosing a product, the quality is more important than the price.
Our partners know our desire to have local products and are, mostly, aware of the sustainable development topic. Some of them have developed a wide range of organic products, either meat or vegetables.

Since 2009, we have reduced the portions of meat served to our customers. We try to propose balanced and healthy menus. All our suggestions include vegetarian meals.

We work as much as possible with raw products, delivered in bulk. This approach allows us to limit the amount of packaging. In general, our co-workers are often reminded of the fact that wasting products is harmful to the environment and represent a financial and ecological cost in the long and short term, for our customers and for ourselves

Sustainable events management

When events take place around Brussels or further, we set up a carpooling system for our co-workers.

The benefit of this system is to reduce the costs and especially to lower our carbon footprint.

During events, we don’t use single portions for products such as sugar, biscuits or coffee milk. We also use returnable water bottles as much as possible. We recycle the packages (plastic bottles) on the event sites.

Only if necessary, we use disposable material. It is generally at the specific request of a client or due to particular circumstances. We then make sure to use recycled/recyclable or biodegradable material.

Statement of intent

Les Frères Debekker S.A. is a family company created in 1973. The long term is more important to us than the short term. This principle is part of our general philosophy on sustainable development.

Our priority is to initiate the upgrading process of our building in order to meet some energetic and environmental standards: insulation, water management, electricity, etc. The purpose is to optimize the existing building, while respecting the new standards on this matter.

Since 2013, we have signed the Charter aiming to obtain the Label of Eco-dynamic Enterprises. We have thus implemented our action plan that will last for a period of two years, with the sound advice of the IBGE-BIM.

Besides, concerning the work garment, we are under contract until 2015 with a company that does not propose any organic cotton. As soon as this contract ends, we will be working with companies involved in sustainable development, just like us.

We pledge to constantly inform our customers and staff members about our commitment for a consistent and progressive environmental policy.

The Board of Management
For Les Frères Debekker-Caterer SA/NV