Reasoned feeding

In order to avoid any waste, we have a controlled purchasing policy directly linked to our order book. We try to calculate as accurately as possible and the internal management practices First In First Out, which improves stock management.

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Waste management

With Bruxelles-Propreté, we have set up waste sorting containers: glass, paper/cardboard, household waste and PMC. In addition, we work with a company that manages used oil and collects it regularly.

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Sustainable management of your events

When events take place in the outskirts of the Brussels region or further away, we organize a carpooling system for the employees who provide the service. This system has the advantage of reducing costs and especially of reducing our carbon footprint.

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Social commitment

The social commitment of the Debekker Brothers goes first of all through the reintegration of people who are far from the world of work, because we are convinced that everyone can succeed.

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Eco-dynamic company

The Ecodynamic Company Label rewards and encourages companies, associations and institutions in Brussels that act to reduce the impact of their activity on the environment.

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